The Summer Factor

It’s one thing to be a teacher and get the wonderful holidays, but it’s quite another to actually find things to do to fill all the holiday time!  Damn!  What does one do with all this extra time of NOTHING?  Nothing to look forward to, nothing to get done, nothing to stress about, and worst of all, NOTHING to wake up for in the morning.

The days you’re at work, you wish you were at home doing nothing,,,,and then the days you’re at home doing nothing, you wish you were at work….

So what does one do for fun that costs nothing?  Help please!


A Letter from Einstein

Love this letter to his daughter:

A letter from Albert Einstein to his daughter: about The Universal Force which is LOVE

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In the late 1980s, Lieserl, the daughter of the famous genius, donated 1,400 letters, written by Einstein, to the Hebrew University, with orders not to publish their contents until two decades after his death. This is one of them, for Lieserl Einstein.More can be found about Lieserl here

…”When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.
I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.
There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us.

This universal force is LOVE.
When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.

Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.
Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.

Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals.

For love we live and die.
Love is God and God is Love.

This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.

To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.

If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.
After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy…

If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.
Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.

However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not having been able to express what is in my heart, which has quietly beaten for you all my life. Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but as time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and thanks to you I have reached the ultimate answer! “.

Your father Albert Einstein

My New Fave….Historical Fiction!

la-ckellogg-1486401653-snap-photo     sophiesworld       animal-farm

It’s a strange new thing with all the Trump in the media…it’s as though we’ve jumped backwards in time.  I am teaching grades 7, 8, and 9 Humanities in September which means that the literature needs to be matched to the time period of history.

So, I began to think about literature that would fit the time of the plague and the wars and I realized that I had novels such as The Great Gatsby, Sophie’s World, Animal Farm, 1984, etc.   I began reading Sophie’s World and Animal Farm this weekend and realized we are living in history!  These novels are now even more intriguing to me than ever before.  Can and will students connect?  ABSOLUTELY!

Gratitude Challenge – Days 25, 26, 27, 28, & 29

Reality has obviously taken over and my passions like writing have taken a backseat to my world of work!  This in turn means that my importance of ME time has vanished until my next vacation from my job!  I have yet to learn how to divide my time between work and personal time…A new year’s resolution perhaps??

So, over the past several days, I am / have been thankful for:

  • my job which I love… a little TOO much
  • my little monkeys return to school
  • my colleagues who keep me laughing
  • my hubby who puts up with my drama
  • the rain today!  Never thought I would ever say that!!  This is because the rain will wash away the snow and ice that we have seen over the month
  • the fact that I can teach Shakespeare to grades 2 and 3
  • the collaboration flexibility with my co-workers
  • knowing that there are some really nice people in the world despite what the media keeps focusing on…wouldn’t it be nice for a media outlet to only broadcast POSITIVE news??

Gratitude Challenge – Day 24

Well, we’re back to school today after a 2 week break!  It was tough waking up early but boy was it wonderful to see my little monkeys!  Their tiny smiling faces and they’ve all grown a little in the 2 weeks!!

Today, I grateful for:

  • going back to work and seeing the cutest little faces come through the door
  • the day going by so quickly
  • the wonderful behaviour from my students
  • the productive day
  • the stories from the holidays
  • the re-energized staff
  • the fact that I get to teach Shakespeare to grades 2 and 3
  • my clean classroom
  • the fact that I de-cluttered my classroom yesterday
  • being back into routine  🙂

Gratitude Challenge – Day 23

Well, my winter break is over and it’s back to the grind EARLY tomorrow morning…I can’t complain as I feel re-charged this time!  Therefore, today I am grateful for:

  • the ME time I have had trying to find myself again.
  • TIME…to read, sleep, eat, watch movies, do nothing, and do anything I want with no deadlines, timelines, or waiting.
  • minimal contact with humans
  • more time with my hubby
  • connecting with people over FB
  • the 30 day gratitude challenge i have actually managed to do EVERYDAY
  • Starbucks!  & Tims!
  • going back to work tomorrow to my little monkeys  🙂

Gratitude Challenge – Day 21

The year 2016 has come to an end and if I look back on the year, there is so many reasons to be thankful…so today, my gratitude list consists of all the things I am thankful for in 2016.

I am thankful for:

  • the inspiration to the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge
  • my parents and their move into a home that they needed to move in to
  • my parents ability to travel and still do the things they do
  • my adorable nephew who has brought so much joy and love into the family and has made my dad the happiest grandpa ever!  ❤
  • my adventure in China over the summer and the wonderful people I met
  • my class of little monkeys which make my day everyday
  • the wonderful people I work with
  • my hubby who is always accepting of me and my flaws
  • my family
  • my health
  • my wonderful life  🙂

HAPPY 2017!


Gratitude Challenge – Day 20

Another great day today!  Ran some errands and then did some work and was rather productive!

Today, I am thankful for:

  • my job for which I love working for even during my holidays
  • the lovely people at Tims who let me sit there for hours working away
  • my parents who are so wonderful
  • my hubby for making reservations for NY’s Eve dinner and then being ok with spending a quiet night at home
  • the ME time I have had and made possible
  • the wonderful articles on the internet about all that interests me  🙂

Great Advice by Old People!

A beautiful list of advice I had to share 🙂

Advice from some old people

by derodaveJan 26  (www.imgur/gallery/ygq7RK8)

Advice from some old people
1. The most important person in your life is the person who agreed to share their life with you. Treat them as such.

2. You might live a long life, or you might live a short one — who knows. But either way, trust me when I say that you’re going to wish you took better care of yourself in your youth.

3. Stuff is just stuff. Don’t hold onto material objects, hold onto time and experiences instead.

4. Jealousy destroys relationships. Trust your significant other, because who else are you supposed to trust?

5. People always say, ’’Make sure you get a job doing what you love!’’ But that isn’t the best advice. The right job is the job you love some days, can tolerate most days, and still pays the bills. Almost nobody has a job they love every day.

6. If you’re getting overwhelmed by life, just return to the immediate present moment and savour all that is beautiful and comforting. Take a deep breath, relax.

7. Years go by in the blink of an eye. Don’t marry young. Live your life. Go places. Do things. If you have the means or not. Pack a bag and go wherever you can afford to go. While you have no dependents, don’t buy stuff. Any stuff. See the world. Look through travel magazines and pick a spot. GO!

8. Don’t take life so seriously. Even if things seem dark and hopeless, try to laugh at how ridiculous life is.

9. A true friend will come running if you call them at 2am. Everyone else is just an acquaintance.

10. Children grow up way too fast. Make the most of the time you have with them.

11. Nobody ever dies wishing they had worked more. Work hard, but don’t prioritize work over family, friends, or even yourself.

12. Eat and exercise like you’re a diabetic heart patient with a stroke — so you never actually become one.

13. Maybe this one isn’t as profound as the others, but I think it’s important… Floss regularly, dental problems are awful.

14. Don’t take anyone else’s advice as gospel. You can ask for advice from someone you respect, then take your situation into consideration and make your own decision. Essentially, take your own advice is my advice…

15. The joints you damage today will get their revenge later. Even if you think they’ve recovered completely. TRUST ME!

16. We have one time on this earth. Don’t wake up and realize that you are 60 years old and haven’t done the things you dreamed about.

17. Appreciate the small things and to be present in the moment. What do I mean? Well, it seems today like younger people are all about immediate gratification. Instead, why not appreciate every small moment? We don’t get to stay on this crazy/wonderful planet forever and the greatest pleasure can be found in the most mundane of activities. Instead of sending a text, pick up the phone and call someone. Call your mother, have a conversation about nothing in particular. Those are the moments to hold onto.

18. Pay your bills and stay the hell out of debt. If I could have paid myself all the money I’ve paid out in interest over the years, I’d be retired already.

19. If you have a dream of being or doing something that seems impossible, try for it anyway. It will only become more impossible as you age and become responsible for other people.

20. When you meet someone for the first time, stop and realize that you really know nothing about them. You see race, gender, age, clothes. Forget it all. You know nothing. Those biased assumptions that pop into your head because of the way your brain likes categories, are limiting your life, and other people’s lives.