What I Learned From 2016

It is almost the end of an interesting year…2016!  Some may say good riddance and others may have had the best year yet.  For me, it’s been a year of learning and changing.  So what did I learn from a year of change?

I learned that sometimes you just have to listen to yourself and not to everyone else like the media, the colleagues, the family, etc.

I learned that whatever you do, do it with all your heart or don’t do it at all.  If you’re not in for the sheer joy and not in the moment, then why are you doing it?  To please others?  To get something out of it?  Then don’t do it cause it’s not worth it!!

I learned that those who appear to be your friend or someone who cares, isn’t always.  Some people are a wolf in sheep’s clothing…need I say more?

I learned that family means more than anything in the world the older you get.

I learned that moments mean more to me than things.

I learned that you just have to live each day to it’s best and stay in the moment.

I learned that I don’t want regrets.

I learned that 2016 was what I made of it…so bring it on 2017!   Happy New Year!


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