As the US Elections Nears…

Are we ready to have this one over??  I am!!  Since when did politics become acting like children and forgetting what’s really important?  How can 2 people who are running to be the most powerful man/woman in the world act like this is entertainment?

Being the leader of the free world should be more important than calling each other names or being ignorant of the people that may cost you the win!  Since when did we lose respect for people?  Women, immigrants, etc. are all a part of the America we know it.  What kind of example are we setting for the young Americans?  After all the work former leaders put into erasing prejudice and ending the disrespecting of women, it all suddenly reappears!   The email controversy is rather eerie as no one really knows what may or may not have happened.   You know, this is not the first election, so if the votes are “rigged”, then don’t you think this would have been realized during the time of Reagan or Nixon?   Let’s not find excuses, let the truth set us free!

After Tuesday, the actions will tell the truth or the story we have already made up in our minds will become a reality.   To all Americans, let’s vote for the better person who will make it a better America.  Let’s be fair to each other and vote…let’s work together!


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