The Friend I Used to Call a Friend

Several months ago, I listened day and night to someone I used to call a friend about her boyfriend.  She was on and off with him and would constantly complain about how he made her feel, how he was more concerned about his ex than her, how all he cared about was drinking, women, and his kids, and most of all how he would always put her down.

So one day, after a call from him to meet her at his parents house, she broke it off!  I spent more time with her, chatted, texted and was there for her at any time of day or night.

Two weeks later, my hubby tells me they were back together!!  She didn’t even have the common courtesy to tell me!!  I was furious!!  I spent days and months prior listening to her complain and complain and that she was never going to do this again!!

No wonder I have a difficult time trusting or calling just anyone a “friend”.  Friendship means honesty, trust, and not taking advantage of people.


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