I am a very blessed person…I have people who love and care about me.  I have a job that I love.  I am financially sound.   And I have an adventure to look forward to this summer.  So what’s the problem?  It’s the small things that are taking over my thoughts, days and nights.  Small things that may seem small but are very irritating and annoying.   I am getting to the point where I am resenting the people I once used to admire or respect.

Well, this stops NOW!  I am fed up of my anger towards the things which are out of my control!  I will NOT have the people who I resent take over my life no matter what they do or don’t do!  THEIR PROBLEM….NOT MINE!  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!   As of right now, I am taking over the controls!  Adieu dear resentment! 

Sorry, it had to be done!


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