Life is a Funny Thing

It’s interesting how life has a way of coming around full circle in the way of miracles.  A year ago in December, an acquaintance lost her child in a tragic accident.  She was devastated and shared her and her family’s journey through the year.  The blogs reminded me how blessed I am and that I should not take anyone or anything for granted.  This was my lesson through her journey. 

So the other day I got an email alert for a new post on her blog.  I read it several times and didn’t pick up on the obvious until a colleague asked…then it made sense.  The family is expecting a baby in May!  She is being blessed with another blessing.  I am not sure how I would take that if I were in her place…What feelings, emotions, or mixed ideas would be running through my head?  But then this depends a fair bit on whether it was a planned or an unexpected pregnancy…both would have a different grasp on my emotions.  If it was unexpected then how would I see this child, especially if it was another girl?  Would I be able to love another child??   These are my thoughts if I was living this double-edged life.  God only gives you what you can handle and when you are ready.  I only pray this baby brings them only joy and happiness as they continue through their journey of loss.


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