The Many Faces of Me

I am a qualified High School English teacher who always found a way to explain the characters in plays and novels, especially the complex ones.   I always used to think that it was such a cliché for the characters in the novels and plays but not so much anymore.  With the world around us being so fragile and the values of trust disappearing, more and more of us are becoming the complex characters I used to help students understand.  We, like the characters of Shakespeare and Wilde, are wearing many masks and faces.  I, myself, am one of the many.

In the constant need to change masks, I have lost the true me.  I have a mask for all the people I know, meet, and interact with on a regular basis.  I want to be myself and I try to hold back from putting on a mask but I find it almost impossible cause I have no idea who I am supposed to be…

My question therefore is….if a book can reveal, explain and show the character throughout the novel and make us, the reader understand at the end, then how can I do the same for me?  How do I solve the masks of me?  Where is my one “real” mask?




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