A Tale of Two Ladies in Two Separate Tiffany Stores

Two strangers, with two different stories, in two different countries, two different Tiffany stores, and one similar bracelet!  My story started the week of the 28th of June.  It had been one of the most challenging weeks at work and I just began the summer holidays.   It was one of those beautiful days to be enjoying the beauty of downtown Vancouver.   I was meeting my cousins for lunch and got to the city earlier than I expected so I had time to waste.  As I was walking, I saw the Tiffany’s store down the street.  I had been eying a silver bead bracelet and as I walked towards the store, the more I wanted the bracelet.  So what did I do?  I marched right into Tiffany’s and bought the bracelet!  It was a “Why the F not?”  I had had a bad week, I wanted the bracelet and I can buy it because I WANT TO!  It was the best purchase ever!

Shaireen Walli's photo.

Meanwhile, in Geneva…A lady who had been through a long battle  with cancer, was enjoying her vacation with two of her best friends, one of which I know.  They were in Geneva for the day and strolled into the Tiffany’s store just to peruse.  The lady saw the same bracelet, with slightly larger beads and decided that she was going to buy it!  Her two friends asked her why and her response, “Because I can!”  And she wears her everyday, just like me.  The lady I know, told me the story when she returned from her trip.  Apparently, the purchase was made the same week as mine.  WOW!  Talk about coincidence.  I was told that two of us who made the purchase were very similar souls.

True story…

A Tiffany’s snapshot!


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