The Little Things

My favorite activity is sitting in a coffee shop and just reading or blogging or writing.  As I do any one of these things, I am aware of the people around me and I get a warm fuzzy feeling as I observe from a distance.  Like today for instance, I have seen about 4 groups of people who have made me smile without realizing.

The first one was the grandmother with her two grandsons.    The part that made me feel a sense of awe was not the grandkids but rather the grandmother.   She was so amazing…she got the food and she kept the boys by her side without any energy…she made it look so easy.  She organized the grilled cheese sandwich, muffin and drinks with no arguments from the boys.  The boys could not have been more than 5 and 3 years of age.   She had them eat and then negotiated what they would do next, go to the park or go home and rest as both boys were coughing.  They finished, the boys helped clean up and they left.  A beautiful scene compared to some sights you see where parents have no control of their children.

The second scene, was an elderly couple who came in for a late lunch.  They sat across from each other and as they had their coffee, they were looking at pictures (old fashioned photos, where they were developed!).  They were smiling and the way the man was looking at her, showed their love for each other.  They smiled, laughed and talked about the pictures.  It shows how some love stories can last forever.

The third one, still in play, is of a girl and a boy (friends, I think) in their early 20s maybe, playing cards and having fun!  Just chilling, chatting away and playing a game with no worries.  It’s not a big deal, but makes me wish I had a friend who I could just hang out with at a coffee shop and just chill or play cards and no commitments or strings attached, just friends.

My warm and fuzzy moments all in one day at one of my favorite coffee shops.  Love it!


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