My Worry Unload!

Are you a worry wart??  I AM!  I worry about stupid things by doing playing the “What If” routines in my head!!  I will What If everything I hear!  From illnesses to marriages to issues at work!  99.5% of the times my scenarios don’t even come into the light of day.  So as my summer of reading continues, all the literature I have decided to put my What If Life to rest.  It starts today!  Worrying is only making me suffer as no one is really worrying about me are they?  They aren’t playing the What If game worrying about me…Worrying only works if there is legitimately a problem.  I am blessed as there are very few issues in my life.  Today, is the day I worry less and do things that make me happy….Reading, writing, shopping and eating!  Maybe I’ll throw in a workout at the gym…we’ll see 🙂

I am always open to suggestions on other suggestions to live a happy and a mindful life! 


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