Happiness…Seems Easy Doesn’t It?

My big question lately has been what is happiness?  Happiness means something different to everyone.  Different life stories = Different Happiness.  I found this little staircase below from Facebook and had to share.  Amazing how many of the 10 I do really well and how many I struggle with everyday.  3 out of the 10 are my biggest problems…problems which I have struggled with since my childhood.  So how do I fix them?  I write, read and listen to what the energies are telling me…the souls.  I have started to look at the spiritual side of things and slowly, these 3 steps are fading…not very quickly, but slowly.  Things cannot change overnight.    So how do you reach your happiness?  How many steps are stopping you from reaching the gates of Happiness?

On Day 18, this post is my Happiness Snapshot!


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