A Reality Check!

So many times I sit, cry and feel sorry for my life over the smallest of issues.  Today, I read the story of Madonna Badger, 6 months ago a friend lost her 7 year old daughter, and a year ago a friend of a friend lost her young husband.  Sitting here in my living room, watching nonsense tv, why am I feeling sorry for myself???  I thought what had happened to me 2 weeks ago was an emotional battle for me and now today, after reading about Madonna Badger, I realize other people have it worse!  I have a family who loves me, a job that I love, and a roof over my head!!  Hello???  What is so bad about my life??  NOTHING!  Holy S***, I am fine and I have so much to be thankful for!  Madonna Badger lost her 3 daughters, her parents, and her house from a fire on Christmas Day!    I have just had a rude awakening!  My life is a blessing!  I am going to live in the moment and not worry about the future and forget the wrongs of the past!  Life is GREAT on Day 17!! 

A Reality Snapshot!


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