Me Time Weekend in Beautiful Vancouver

Several months ago, my hubby booked me into the Westin Bayshore for a weekend away after a tough week I had had at school.  It was 24 hours of all about me!  I strolled around the water and walked down to the waterfront, enjoyed a Starbucks as I took pictures and people watched.  The best part of the weekend were the trees!  The beautiful colors filled the trees, the walkways and the lawns.  It was a symphony of colour within nature! 

I observed the boats docked at the harbor.  Oooh, how I would love to live in a boat on that side of the city.  I watched the sunset and took pictures as always.  The sun’s rays bounced of the windows of the buildings and the water. 

The view from the room was amazing as it faced the water….as you looked out the window, you could see the water and the boats on the left, the trees of yellows and greens directly in front, and the tall building of the city to the right.  Picturesque moment all around!

A Westin Bayshore Snapshot!


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