Beautiful Vancouver!

One of the blessings in my life has been living in the beautiful city of Vancouver.  Gorgeous days and the amazing scenery from almost anywhere.  From the trees to the water to the mountains how can you not be thankful for the beauty which is Vancouver?

I spent a few hours downtown people watching at the Starbucks by the law offices and then had lunch at Pacifico with family!   Another something to be thankful for are the important people like family.  I bought me a little present as well!  I like nice jewelry so here’s a hint…T.    A Vancouver snapshot!

I parked half way and then took the skytrain into the city only to notice the ridiculous number of cars on the road and then the number of people on the skytrain.  When did Vancouver become so big??!!  I did however notice the dry grass which once upon time use to be green…we NEED the rain and of course it doesn’t rain!  Come on RAIN!

Overall, Day 7 has been pretty awesome!  I did notice that with the stress fading away, so are the dark circles under my eyes.  I think my body is beginning to relax!


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