My New Faith in Me

The last few months have been challenging….nothing major….just dealing with people.  But today, I start fresh…a new way of living life.  This comes after reading 2 amazing books and talking to some very awesome people.  I am going to live in the moment and not let the words or opinions of others define me.  Starting today my daily challenge will be to do something that I like everyday.  I actually started this on Saturday when I read a book…the entire book in one day.  Sunday, I went to see a movie with my hubby and read another book.  Today, I went shopping, went for a walk, and just relaxed.  It’s been great!  The best thing I did was disconnect from my world of worry and stress.  I will continue to blog my journey over the next 21 days so that I can track my days…21 comes from the 21 Day Rule in Sharma’s book, “Who Will Cry When You Die”.


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