Life is so Very Precious

Today I read a blog which made me realize how often we take things for granted.  It’s a blog of a mother who recently lost her 7 year old…Today’s blog was on birthdays and the last few sentences went like this:

“…every year we commemorate our date of birth but equally as our lives pass through each day of the calendar, we silently tiptoe past our death date, too. Last night I mused why it was that an elderly relative was able to reach her 90s while E did not make her 8th birthday. C’s wisdom transforms what will otherwise be a very melancholic post – ‘It’s quality not quantity that counts’. ”

How powerful is that!  Especially the line about how we tip-toe past our death date!  Never thought if that before!  The last line is my favorite about spending quality time rather than the number of years with someone….how much of the time you spend with loved ones is quality time??  Something we all need to consider…Thank you E.M. for the blogs!  Makes me see life differently…


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