Day 1 – Not the Best Start

I started the morning with the best intentions!  I went to work for a few hours and then from work went, or headed. to the gym.   I decided I would go to a location closer to my place, only to find out it was the “sports” club rather than the “fitness” club!  Seriously?  You’d think they’d be one in the same, right?  I mean same franchise name!  Not the same!  In fact, $7.00 more a month!  Not a chance!  So I headed to the other location not much further…well, at least the address led me to believe!  Well, drove around for about 20 mins only to find out it does NOT exist!  Listed on the website but not in reality!   Grrrr….

So after the run around and a waste of gas and time, I headed home!  Should have gone with my first instinct…go to the one I know is the right one!

We’ll try again tomorrow!!

A not so great day snapshot!


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