Screen Time Vs Controlled Screen Time

Working with children everyday, you can see a trend in behaviour between the kids who have TOO much screen time (t.v., iPad, latptop, phone, etc.) and the kids who have CONTROLLED screen time.  Kids who have all too much screen time are very needy for attention and cannot control themselves from attention seeking.  Kids with controlled screen time are in control….their manners are evident, they are able to adjust and adapt to any environment, they know how to PLAY, and they are calmer.  I attended a lecture by a psychologist and she said that screen time was an ADDICTION!  It wires the brain differently and once you’re hooked….you’re hooked!  I seem to be more and more aware of this on a daily basis.  The screen is used as a babysitter and a reward for certain behaviours which I believe can be great if used correctly and is monitored but not just something to do whenever.

An electronic snapshot!


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