Spiritual and Inspirational….Not Religious

A few months ago, I experienced a death in the immediate family and my outlook on life has changed.  However, I had a lot of questions about death as I could not understand what people meant by “But they are at a much happier place now” or “They will always watch over you”.  I was quite sad about the loss and none of the things people were saying made me feel any better.  I was not sure how to accept the death.  Then out of the blue, a very dear person made me rethink things.  She, herself, has gone through cancer and was very willing to share her experiences.  She too had questions and not matter what people said she didn’t feel any better so she turned to books.  She recommended 2 very inspiring books….”Dying to Be Me” and “Conversation with God”.   I read the first one and was very inspired as it was looking at things such as cancer and death in a different way….a more spiritual way.  So I told her how I loved reading the book and she recommended the second one, “Conversation with God”.   I was a bit hesitant about reading it as it sounded  like a religious book which was not what I wanted.  So I took the risk and I was very impressed.  It is about the author having a conversation with God.  Asking God those tough questions we have always asked but the answers he get are very realistic and very thought provoking but not directed or based on one particular religion.  Bringing these conversations and ideas together with my personal religious beliefs has made me live my life in a different way.  I think in a more open-minded way, I see and treat people with more tolerance, and I am more in the moment.  Most of all, I have a different outlook on life.


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