Alaskan Adventure




This past week has been absolutely breathtaking!  Went for a 10 yr anniversary cruise through Alaska!  Spent a day in Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan!  We cruised on the MS Amsterdam (a fleet from the Holland America cruise line) for 7 days.  The service was spectacular and there was not a moment where food was not on the event planner.  The staff were excellent, especially the lady at the front desk, the staff in the casino and the bar staff!  The ship was always clean, eventful and full of wonderful guests!  If you’re thinking that Alaskan cruises are only for seniors, NOT ANYMORE!  All ages and people from all walks of life!  My highlights for the week:

Casino / Dancing with the Stars / Fashionista Martini / Ketchikan / the iceburg / the sail back to Vancouver as the view was unbelievable!

Ketchikan was a favorite as it was a tad bigger than the other two towns and there was far more to do!  More people, busier, and more to see!

This cruise gets a 10/10! 

I will do a better write up in a few days!  Stay tuned….


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