Five Years of Memories

July 4, 2013 at midnight, I say goodbye to the UAE.  A bittersweet goodbye to an adventure I shall never forget.  I have laughed till my tummy hurt, cried till I couldn’t breathe and chilled and relaxed more than I have in my life.  I have ridden camels, been to the Empty Quarter, been to the tallest building in the world, been to more brunches than imaginable, seen every Emirate and done more shopping in every mall in Dubai!  It’s been fab! 

I have worked in 2 different jobs and both have been a challenge in their own way.  I have learned so much about myself as well as about teaching.  I have now taught IB and the Cambridge curriculum in which I am very confident.  The trials and stress of both jobs have made me realize what I want and what I don’t want.  The students at my last school have been my pride and my backbone and they have made me more passionate than ever about teaching.  They have made me proud and they have, at times disappointed me but that’s why they are kids and I have learned to accept them for only that!  Although this current year has been a particularly difficult one, I have enjoyed my time and my experience.

The best part of my five years in the UAE has been the people I have met!  I have met people from every corner of the earth!  People from the UK, South Africa, Scotland, Italy, Spain, US, and Canada!  Some who have moved onto places such as Nigeria, China, and Libya.  Over the past week, the goodbyes have been emotional and very difficult but I know that I have somewhere to stay wherever my travels take me!  I have learned so much from all those who have come into my life and will never forget them! xxxx

Most importantly, I will never forget the people of the UAE!  Thank you!

So tomorrow, I board my jet plane back to Canada to start a brand new adventure.  My final 24-28 hour journey from half way around the world. 

Bubye Ras Al Khaimah!  It’s been interesting!



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